BenQ-Siemens HSDPA-phone with 3-megapixel camera

According to BenQ-Siemens EF91 will be the first mobile phone with HSDPA. Moreover it takes pictures with 3 megapixels. The size is still small and the weight just 100 g. We've got our hands on it.


23 feb 2006 - 19:24


23 feb 2006 - 19:24

EF91 is one of the most exciting products during 3GSM-fair. The executive chef of BenQ Mobile was noticeably content when introducing EF91.

Whether BenQ-Siemens or Samsung will win the prestigious battle of which one of them will be first to release a HSDPA-mobile, remains to be seen. More interesting though, is maybe how well the phone works.

Faster 3G can be used for downloading music or tv-clips, directly to the mobile phone. But the point is, of course, to use the phone as a quick mobile connection to the computor, by attaching a cable or via Bluetooth.

In this particular consideration EF91 surprises positively. Anterior the menus were often tardy and the appearance were not very good. EF91, and the other new BenQ-Siemens mobile phones, on the contrary, is completely different with another shaping and speed. It's rather obvious that the new owner of the company, taiwanese BenQ, made quite an effort on the design.

The display at EF91 feels very fine and bright. It is rather big with its 2 inches.

At the back of the phone there is a 3-megapixel camera located. Unfortunately it is located were you usually hold your fingers. The picture quality was hard to make a judge ment of just by looking at some pictures, taken in a rather bad light taken in a fair, but the small size of the camera lens indicates though that it won't be able to measure with pictures taken from a proper digital camera. But that remains to be seen.

Beneath the display you find a simple vga-camera for video conversations.

As in all mobile phones, of this kind, there's also a music player. It's necessary to buy a memory card though, to be able to use the music player and the camera in a proper mode. The amount of built-in memory is 32 megabyte.

EF91 will hit the market during the summer this year. Exactly how much it will cost isn't yet decided, but it looks as if the price label will land on approximately 5000 SEK (525 EUR) without subsidy.


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